Conducting Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee Engagement Surveys


How your employees behave will have a huge impact on the success of your Company, and it is a known fact that Company’s function best when they can harness the creativity, commitment, passion, capability and energy of their workforce.

Carrying out an Engagement Survey

Conducting an employee engagement survey can provide your business with employee feedback to help you to identify where you are maximising employee potential and where attention is needed to improve employee motivation, productivity and retention.

An employee engagement survey’s aim should be to capture views on all aspects of the employee experience.

Key themes

You should decide which key themes the survey will explore. Many employee surveys focus on themes such as:

  • line management;
  • leadership;
  • communication;
  • teamwork;
  • training and development;
  • job content;
  • customer focus;
  • wellbeing;
  • fair treatment; and
  • pay and benefits.

You should consider the issues which are of the most importance to your business and those that are of most importance to the employees.  

Employee engagement questions

The survey will include specific questions to measure the level of employee engagement i.e. those that measure whether or not employees would recommend the Company as an employer, commitment to the Company and willingness to provide discretionary effort e.g.

  • “I would recommend this Company as a great place to work.”
  • “I feel committed to my Company’s goals.”
  • “Working for this Company makes me want to do the best work I can.”

Where we can help

Getting an external provider to conduct your survey is likely to provide the following benefits:

  • Reassurance to employees about the confidentiality of their data.
  • Expertise in questionnaire design. Set-up and management of the survey, which can become complicated when question sets include local questions and when mixed methodologies are required.
  • Effective analysis of survey results.
  • Professional reports on the results of the survey in a format designed to inspire managers to act.
  • Support for the Company with post-survey action planning and delivery, providing advice and guidance on how to use the results of the survey to bring about improvements in the business.

Reporting on the results of the survey 

You will need to communicate the results of the survey to employees, so that they can see the value of the exercise and participate in making improvements.

The results from our Survey will look like this 

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The results from the survey will provide you with evidence for what needs to change and where to focus attention to help with smarter decision-making.

Each Company is different, so it is important for the Company to develop a plan for action that will work in its particular context.

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