Conducting A Work Trial

Work Trial

A work trial is a short period in work you can offer to a jobseeker on benefits. It’s a way for you both to see if the job is a good fit.

It happens after you’ve interviewed them for a specific role. If they’re not suitable for it, you do not need to offer it to them. Jobseekers volunteer for a work trial. They keep getting their benefits whilst they’re on it and are not paid a wage.

However, please note you cannot run your own work trial scheme, it has to go through Job Centre Plus. It needs to be agreed with Jobcentre Plus before you offer it to a jobseeker. Jobcentre Plus will check that the employee has volunteered for the trial and that it meets the eligibility criteria.

Essentially by running your own scheme, you would be employing someone without a contract, which is incorrect.

The probation period is the trial, and if they are not working out you can terminate their employment then, so we do not encourage your own work trial.

For more information on conducting work trials, employee eligibility and Job Centre Plus guidelines please click here. Alternatively, you can contact our team.

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