How to handle Grievances?

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Do you know how to handle a Grievance?

Many employers feel uncertain about the correct way to handle grievances, particularly when confronted with employees who persistently raise trivial grievances; grievances that are essentially restating issues that have already been dealt with; or grievances that relate to existing grievance, disciplinary or capability procedures.

On the one hand, committing management resources to such grievances can seem wasteful and frustrating, but on the other hand, employers should seek to avoid provoking legal claims, which can be even more damaging to the business.

Did you know? “When an employee raises a grievance during a disciplinary process the disciplinary process may be temporarily suspended in order to deal with the grievance. Where the grievance and disciplinary cases are related it may be appropriate to deal with both issues concurrently.”

The employer will have to make a judgment about the best way to handle the two issues. In doing so, it will be entitled to have regard to one of the key themes of the ACAS code: that both disciplinary and grievance issues should be dealt with promptly and without unreasonable delay.

Handling such grievances can be tricky and is advisable that you source an external and impartial person to carry it out.  That’s where we can help you.  

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