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HR Services


Our HR Consultants are experts in managing and advising on a whole range of employment contractual processes. They aim to minimise risk and advise your business through difficult times.

Access to HR advice and guidance is essential for businesses whether it’s focused on employee relations issues, policies, restructure including redundancy, or other employee issues, such as absence, sickness and wellbeing.

So, if you are facing a disciplinary matter or have questions that need answering call Westcountry HR.

Our team provide clear, precise HR advice to assist with any employee conflicts and protect you from further actions.


When do you need a HR consultant?

As a general rule of thumb, when your people admin processes start to slow down the productivity of your business. For example are you spending too much time dealing with staff lateness? Or catching up on paperwork after office hours? Do you feel anxious due to staff performance issues or conduct? If you feel that any of the above apply to you then it’s time to consider outsourcing to a HR Consultant like Westcountry HR.

We start with a FREE HR Healthcheck which are independent and impartial. Our Healthchecks give you a comprehensive review of your HR practices and procedures helping you reduce risk and cost, improve performance, and reveal where HR can add value to your business.

HR Services
HR Services


Did you know that it is unlawful for an employee to work for you without a contract of employment?

Should you fail to fulfil the legal requirement to provide your employee with a written statement (a contract of employment) then, an Employment Tribunal can penalise you for non-compliance. Your employee could be awarded between two to four weeks’ pay as compensation. There are also several statements that by law have to be included in an employment contract.

One of our most used HR Services is our employment contract packages. We ensure all contracts meet legal requirements giving you protection from potential non-compliance charges. As well as ensuring a smooth on-boarding process for your new employee. 


Having an Employee Handbook containing all your HR policies is an essential tool for any business either new or established.

An employee handbook is a great place to store all your ‘rules and regulations’ or ‘do’s and don’ts’ as we at Westcountry HR like to call them.  They will clearly explain all your policies and procedures from the perspective of employment law in a clear and easy manner. It ensures that your employees understand the standards you expect of them. As well as how you’ll deal with standards not being met.

Be assured we will never leave you alone to deal with an issue. Our employees have achieved the highest level of accreditations with the Institute of Personnel Management so you know you can trust the advice that is given to you. Find out more about this HR Service today.

HR Services
HR Services


As a BreatheHR Partner, Westcountry HR wants to give you the resources you need to make better, and easier, data-driven decisions for your business.

Using the BreatheHR software will transform the way you manage your HR admin. Easy to use, secure, and fully GDPR compliant, BreatheHR will automate all your time consuming HR tasks, and keep all your employee information in one place.

We can offer a free trial and talk you through the system to ensure all your requirements are met. 

This is a HR Service that you absolutely need to consider if you want to take your business to the next level. 


Our HR director, Nicola Bidgood is a certified Mental Health First Aider recognised by MHFA England.

This means she is able to organise training to ensure your business has someone on-site that is able to signpost you to the correct resources so you can support your team.

The pandemic and now the current cost of living crisis has taken us to unprecedented places in regards to mental health. Poor mental health not only impacts the wellbeing of your team but will also have a negative effect on company productivity and profit.

So, to ensure your team feels supported and listened to, get in touch with Nicki today. 

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