Is it time to carry out an Employee Engagement Survey?

Emplyee Engagement

With Coronavirus restrictions easing and businesses are reopening again, find out how your employees feel about returning to work, and whether they have a good work-life balance. At Westcountry HR, we take employee engagement and wellbeing seriously, which is why we’ve created a knowledgeable and easy survey for you to take. With topics including the Company, communication, personal development, teamwork, and more, you are bound to be able to find out what areas of your business are the most successful, least successful, and why. This will allow you to then plan what needs to be done to boost retention levels and make your Company one of the best in the industry!

Giving your employees an engagement survey to complete can be very beneficial to both the business and the staff. The outcome of the survey can reduce absenteeism rates, therefore lowering Company costs as there will be less cover work needed and improving workflow as there will be less disruption to production. The changes implemented after the survey can also create higher retention, as employees will feel heard and respected, therefore feeling more motivated to go to work and achieve their targets.

An employee engagement survey is also more likely to increase employee satisfaction. They will feel happy going to work, and will feel gratification when carrying out their job, therefore making them a more valuable asset to the Company. If an engagement survey is conducted regularly then you will be able to see which areas an employee is struggling or feels unhappy, and steps can be put in place to help them.

This will not only help employees’ mental health, but it will also lower costs for employers who often have employees on leave with stress and mental health.

If your Company has not conducted an employee engagement survey recently, or staff numbers are fluctuating, then contact us today for more information.


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