Contracts and Handbooks


  • Did you know that it is unlawful for an employee to work for you without a contract of employment?


  • Did you know in April 2020 employment law changed and all new starters need to have a contract that has new legislation in it so you can no longer use your current contracts for new starters.​


  • Did you know the contract must be issued before or on day one of your employee starting work with you


Should you fail to fulfil their legal requirement to provide your employee with a written statement (a contract of employment) then, an Employment Tribunal can penalise you for their non-compliance. Your employee maybe awarded between two to four weeks’ pay as compensation.  There are also several statements that by law have to be included in an employment contract.

Check with Westcountry HR that your employment contract is up to date and fit for purpose.     

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Having an Employee Handbook containing all your HR policies is an essential tool for any business either new or established.

An employee handbook is a great place to store all your ‘rules and regulations’ or do’s and don’ts as we at Westcountry HR like to call them.  They will clearly explain all your Policies and Procedures from the perspective of employment law in a clear and easy language.  They ensure that your employees understand the standards you expect of them and should they fall short how you’ll deal with them with Westcountry HR’s helping hand.

Be assured we will never leave you alone to deal with an issue and because we are a small and friendly company with our employees having achieved the highest level of accreditations with the Institute of Personnel Management you know you can trust the advice that is given to you.

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