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Why Outsource HR?



At Westcountry HR we cover, the whole of the Westcountry having Clients in Plymouth, Torquay, Paignton, Totnes, Newton Abbot, Exeter, North Devon, Tiverton and Taunton along with a number outside of the Southwest of England.

You wil know that creating a business case for HR outsourcing is an important initial step for any business.  A Company needs to ask themselves why do they need a HR function.

So what aspects of HR could you outsource?

Well there are a number of potential benefits associated with HR outsourcing.

The benefits………………….


When a Compnay decides its time to outsource a number of potential benefits are frequently cited.

Commonly mentioned benefits include:

  • reduced costs


  • increased efficiency


  • access to improved HR IT systems without capital outlay


  • improved people management information


  • access to HR expertise that is not available internally


  • increased flexibility and speed of response to HR problems


  • ability to support or fit well with an overall strategy (for example where the organisation is outsourcing a number of its support functions, of which HR is just one part)


  • reduced risk, as it is possible to scale up and down more efficiently


  • capacity for HR to operate more strategically.

So if you are thinking of outsourcing give us a call today.