Performance Management 


Ask yourself these questions: –

How do you manage your Employees performance?


How do you know if they are doing a good job?


Are they enjoying their work and being productive?


Do they want more responsibility and progression?


How will you know any of this if you don’t have structured reviews in place?


Performance management the process that often gets overlooked when everything is working well, and all your employees are happy and productive.  This often leads to challenges once you get someone that is not doing the role that you know they can do.

Generally, people want to do a good day’s work.  It’s a rare person that would wake up in a morning and say, ‘today I’m going to do a rubbish job’.  So, its really important that you have a process in place to enable managers and employees to work together, that way they will both be in a great position to plan, monitor and review work objectives ensuring their work fits with your overall Company objectives.

More than just being an annual performance review, performance management is the continuous process that is used to assess progress and provide on-going coaching and feedback.  Only this way can your employees meet their objectives and career goals.   The plus for you is a motivated employee and not a troublesome employee that is destroying your business and workforce moral.

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