Our Recruitment Services

One of the most daunting tasks any business undertakes is the recruitment of new staff. Not only is it timely but it’s ensuring you get the right person for the job and that the person will fit into the culture of your business.

Q. Do you spend copious amounts of time advertising your Company’s jobs?

Q. Are you getting the right calibre of candidates?

Q. Do you know where to advertise and how to attract the right applicatants?

Q. Do you use an Agency and pay a high % rate?


It’s time to outsource to our Recruitment Services @  Westcountry Jobs 


At Westcountry Jobs we pride ourselves in giving our Clients a first class personal recruitment solution tailor-made to them..    Our objective is simple:  To find you the best candidate for your business.   We do not charge you high percentage rates – just affordable flat fees starting from £595.00.