How to Write An Employment Contract

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“Law requires you to provide employees with an Employment Contract no later than two months after they start with you”.


Importance of Employment Contracts Westcountry HR Devon

Did you know?

All employees have a contract of employment with their employer, whether it’s written or not.

Once an applicant unconditionally and clearly accepts your offer of a job, a contract of employment comes into existence.

The offer and acceptance may be oral or in writing.

There will still be a legal contract even where no written documentation has changed hands and all the terms have been verbally agreed or are implied.

What are the risks of not having Employment Contracts?

Failure to provide a statement of particulars within 8 weeks of commencement could lead to an employee raising a tribunal claim – the tribunal have the powers to fine you 4 weeks statutory money (£1600).

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The Contract must include:

  • Names of the employer and employee.
  • Date when employment began (and any period of continuous employment).
  • Job title or job description.
  • Place of work.
  • Salary or rate of remuneration (or the method of calculating remuneration) and the intervals at which it is paid.
  • Hours of work.
  • Holiday entitlement, including entitlement to holiday pay and public holidays.
  • Sickness or injury and any provision for sick pay.
  • Details of pensions and pension schemes.
  • Termination clause i.e. the entitlement of employer and employ.
  • Period for which employment is expected to continue or, if it is for a fixed term, the date when it is to end.
  • Details of any relevant collective agreements.
  • Where the employee is required to work outside the UK for more than one month: (a) the period for which he is to work outside the UK; (b) the currency in which he will be paid; (c) any additional remuneration payable to him and any benefits to be provided by reason of working outside the UK, and; (d) any terms of conditions relating to his return to the UK.
  • The disciplinary rules and the disciplinary and dismissal procedure applicable to the employee.
  • The person to whom the employee can apply if dissatisfied with any disciplinary or dismissal decision.
  • The person to whom the employee can apply to raise a grievance and the manner in which such application should be made.