How to Create A Job Advert – Part 1 – Job Adverts

It’s not ‘just‘ a job advert…

Spending time creating a job advert is often underestimated – but it’s actually very important. After all, this will be someone who’s going to represent you and your company.

There are a few reasons why it’s important to prioritise time to spend creating a quality job advert;

  1. Having a clear layout.
  2. Getting the description right.
  3. Ensuring it’s suitable for the employees you’re looking for.

Having a clear layout for your job advert will help you avoid unsuitable candidates applying for the role. Plainly setting out your description, experience requirements, job benefits and any relevant qualifications needed will make it easier for the candidates to read the advert. This will also save you time and money when you need to review them and filter out any unsuitable applicants.

Top Tip – Bullet points!

Instead of writing long boring descriptions (that people will skim through) use bullet points to clearly highlight key elements of the role or employee requirements. This will make it easier for the job searchers to decide whether they are right for the role or not.

Ensuring you have a well thought out and accurate description for your advert will help you find the right candidate, quickly and efficiently. Again, saving you time and money by having fewer interviews, spending less time choosing the right person, and ultimately not having to re-advertise the role or find someone new after only a short period.

Top Tip – Keywords!

You need to ensure you have all the right keywords in your job adverts and descriptions. Without these, it’ll be very hard for people to find the advert as it won’t come up as often as it potentially could.

Once you have written your job advert, you need to make sure the right people can find it. Ensuring you have an effective (accurate!) job title, the right key words within the description and other details such as salary offered, will ensure only those who truly want the role will apply.

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This blog is a series so look out for Recruiting Employees Part 2 in the coming months.